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Have questions about life as a Rollins student? Ask our Ambassadors! If you would like to contact a specific Ambassador, be sure to include their name in the subject line.





Phone: 404-727-3956


Want to learn more about Rollins?  Request the Admissions Guide or reach out to Wendi Hicks at for more details about the programs available and the school itself.



4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hey Ambassadors! I am Jing Wang. I will be a freshman in Health policy and management. I want to rent a 1-bedroom apartment at Clairmont Reserve or Highland Lake. But I don’t know which is better in quality. Would you mind sharing any of your experience or knowledge about clairmont or highland lake, please? Thanks!!!

  2. I am interested in the programs you can have whatever you want to do people to get in. I’m going to write address down and my phone number down in case I get disconnected from a different number I will send you a different number . 678-914-4195. This. Is. My. Address. Where. You. Can. Send. Me. The. In. Info. By. mail. Monica. Martinez. 4815 winters..chapel. road.doraville.Ga. really important for me to get this information in the mail please help me to get in this program is really really important I want to study penetration

    1. Hi Monica,
      If you visit the contact us page there is a link to where you can sign up to receive the admissions guide and materials by mail. For further information please contact the Admissions department directly or Emily Lakemaker. Best!

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